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Ritalin is a psycho-stimulant drug that is used to treat young children with ADHD. In some cases it is also given to adults that experience mild-severe depression or narcolepsy. Many drugs in today's society are available from online pharmacies, and this drug is no exception. There are online pharmacies all over the internet that claim to have all types of drugs, but beware, and do the research before settling on any particular site.

The positive side to ordering online are: the sites allow the user to sign up and register to get discounts and special deals on certain medications, convenient, saves time, saves money, no travel expense, no doctor to visit, and its fairly private. The negative side to buying things online is ; wrong dose, placebo's, inadequate medication storage facilities, identity theft, credit card info stolen, money stolen, counterfeit medications used etc.

The way to combat all of this is to use reputable sites that have FDA ratings and standards, or credentials from the office of national Drug Control Policy, or National Library of Medicine, or the USDHHS. There are also reputable lists that are available from the FDA, NAPB, and the DEA that list reputable online pharmacies that can be used to purchase drugs.

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Uses and Side Effects of Ritalin

Ritalin is intended for young children that suffer from ADHD, but some adults have been prescribed this medication as a supplement to their psychotropic drugs to help treat depression and other psychological disorders. It is not meant for individuals that suffer from high blood pressure, cardiac disease, suffer from severe mood swings, hyperthyroidism, seizure disorder, and for those currently taking drugs that have MAO inhibitors, it can cause a cross reaction. The side effects of this drug are: weight loss, nausea, headaches, trouble sleeping, dizziness, nervousness etc.


Most users of this drug have positive things to say about it such as; it is very effective, helps them to focus, easy to use, increases their energy etc. There are also some users that have negative side effects from the drug such as; major outburst, mood swings, and frustration. In some patients the drug seemed to wear off in between doses to the point where they felt worse than before they took the drug. This drug can be helpful to many individuals, with the right support and treatment plan. Before taking any type of drug please consult with a physician first.